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Peachy Edit is a new concept within the Perth retail landscape where we will combine a traditional fashion boutique (Peachy) with a thoughtfully curated edit of luxury and high end pre loved global brands.

The retail landscape has undergone significant transformations in recent years and is poised to continue evolving. A growing number of informed consumers are now making deliberate and more conscious choices when it comes to their purchasing habits.They are opting for a blend of brand new quality items, a small selection of fast fashion pieces and investments in luxury pre loved items. The term “used” has shed its negative connotations in the fashion industry and is very much part of how consumers and even the most fashionable amongst us like to spend our money. 

We believe the conventional business model of independent fashion boutiques is no longer viable. We recognise the need for ongoing evolution. Our objective is to consciously challenge the fashion industry, fostering a shift toward a more deliberate and sustainable model. 

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